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14 Sushchevskaya ulitsa
Moscow, Moscow, 127055
Russian Federation

New Orleans in Photographs opens May 16 at Multi-Media Museum – Moscow House of Photography. The exhibit, curated by New Orleans photographer Frank Relle, comprises 1100 photographs depicting the culture of New Orleans and southeast Louisiana: from the intimate to the public, the everyday to the celebratory, and the informal to the grand. New Orleans in Photographs includes 100 large, framed images from fine art photographers, cultural documentarians, and photojournalists, surrounded by 1,000 images culled from social media.


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Frank Relle

I have printed photographs most days of my life since 2004. I knew that attempting to print 1100 photographs during my first week in Moscow would be difficult but I thought I had the experience to make it happen. I, however, failed to consider I would be illiterate in Russia. I would be unable to navigate the streets, say hello, goodbye, please, or thank you much less be able to describe the subtle nuances of contrast, color, highlight and shadow detail. I would effectively be an American 1 year old with a great deal of urgency and very big job to complete. Today with the kindness, efficient work and helpful English skills of Alina Antonova we have a breakthrough with the results I have been waiting for. The proof photographs pictured are by Jill Moore and two of my photographic mentors Joel Pickford and Eugenia Uhl. #nolatomoscow#culturalexchange #louisianaculture